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oct. 2018

Kavka, Oudaan, Anvers, Belgique Itinéraire

Blossoms are delighted to announce the details of their second album ‘Cool Like You’. Released through Virgin EMI on the 27th April, ‘Cool Like You’ is the follow up to the band’s number 1, Mercury Prize nominated debut ‘Blossoms’. 

The band have also shared the first new music from the album, the infectious, synth led ‘I Can’t Stand It’, a song inspired in part by Michel Gondry’s Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. The band’s frontman Tom Ogden explains: «It’s a song about desperately wanting to forget about someone, but you can’t because they’re a part of you — and how that can be unbearable. Spotless Mind is about wanting to erase someone from your thoughts — to forget they even… existed — and that feeds into the lyrics. It’s a very literal song in many ways.»

That emotional honesty is one of the defining themes of ‘Cool Like You’ and a symbol for the lyrical progression in Ogden’s songwriting.